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    Naruto: Tales of the Shinobi has had it's ups and downs, but we've never given up on our dream of providing the best RP environment we possibly can to the players. We've returned from a short break to let the staff rest and regroup, and we're got plenty of new material for everyone. New plot, new villages, new jutsu, and as always, new events! The Bijuu and chakra beasts have been released on the world, and the villages have begun the age old cycle of jockeying for their power. Currently no Jinchuriki exist, only the power of the lower chakra beasts has been harnessed. From the frozen north a new threat has emerged; a broken psychopath of the worst kind; more animal then man that relishes destruction for the sake of destruction. A loner, a wanderer; he has stumbled across the great hidden Valley of the Chakra Beasts and discovered the dormant Bijuu, using his prowess as a Fuuinjutsu master to seal several of the beasts into the special cloth that makes his clan famous in the northern lands. Using their power, he intends to lay waste to the lands; a force of pure destruction with no motive, no political aspiration, and no cares for anyone. The world has just truly begun to recover and stabilize after the hellish nightmare of the Suiren Plague; how will they survive this new threat?

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    What we have to offer:

    • Active, friendly, experienced staff
    • Player driven RP Arcs
    • Drama-free Chatbox
    • Well developed Rules and Guides
    • Ranked Position open in all villages
    • Canon and Custom Clans. Custom KKG allowed
    • Become a member ANBU or any of the elite village groups
    • Bijuu and Chakra Beasts currently being released

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