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    Naruto: Tales of the Shinobi [AU Naruto RP][LB] Empty Naruto: Tales of the Shinobi [AU Naruto RP][LB]

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    Naruto: Tales of the Shinobi [AU Naruto RP][LB] Oie_7010

    Naruto: Tales of the Shinobi is a customized AU Naruto-RP site, fresh off a relaunch on July 1st of 2013. Friendly, experienced staff works diligently to provide the friendliest atmosphere we possibly can; and the rule of the land is to just have fun. Stability and balance keep the game from becoming unfair, and a plethora of events, missions, and the rule of character driven sub-plots keep the place fresh and active. The general plot is rather unique, we pride ourselves on having one of a kind arc for your enjoyment. Fully customized villages bring a whole new world to the player's fingertips, and an emphasis on creativity versus conformity lets the mind run wild. We're PG-13 and welcoming of all levels of RP experience; many of the veteran members are highly experienced and more then willing to help teach anyone looking to get into the world of text-based role play RPGs. Come check us out for yourself; we're always looking for new faces and fresh ideas.

    What we offer:

    • Highly Experienced Staff
    • Drama Free
    • Balanced systems, lots of room to experiment
    • Large selection of Specializations, advanced elements are welcome
    • Quick Ryo gain, inexpensive item, access to weapon upgrades
    • No time wasted on hand signs
    • Easy ranking
    • No Favoritism. You get what you earn.
    • Lots of Events
    • Dedicated GFX team; prizes awarded for graphic artists willing to help with the site.
    • Just released: Korigakure, the Village Hidden in Ice.
    • Soon to be released: Chakra Beast, Mythical Beasts, Bijuu and Jinchuriki
    • Currently accepting applications for all ranks in Hanagakure and Korigakure, with Chuunin and Special Jounin open in all other villages.

    Find us at:

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