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    Naruto RPG [Advert] Empty Naruto RPG [Advert]

    Post by Danny Boy on Mon Aug 12, 2013 5:35 am

    Become your Ninja Dream
    -Follow your own story
    -Do anything, anywhere
    -Buy exotic pets
    -Rank up from Academy Student to Kage
    -Become a worldwide legend
    -Lead your own village
    -Create your own missions

    Be supported
    -Enjoy frequent updates
    -Be part of a vibrant community
    -Use simple stats for battling
    -Enjoy a live feed of news

    Access to the most powerful weapons and armour
    -Enter lotteries for epic prizes
    -Join a huge clan
    -Create your own legendary clan
    -Wage wars between foes or clans for prizes
    -Take part in Epic Missions that involve everyone
    -Grab the hidden Legendary Weapons
    -Trade powerful items

    Become anyone, anywhere!
    -Become a host of a Bijuu after a long journey
    -Join the Akatsuki to hunt down Jinchuriki
    -Become ANBU to hunt down Akatsuki
    -Become a Sannin or Kage

    If you don't feel like following your story...
    -No limits RPG is avaliable, roleplay without any limits
    -Take part in other non-Naruto RP's
    -Practise your roleplay skills
    -Hone your skills to the highest levels
    -Roleplay for special events such as birthdays, Christmas and Halloween
    -Talk about off-topic things including the latest manga

    Join the Naruto RPG!

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