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    Name: Vincent Talion

       Age: 34

       Appearance: Tiger Shark Fishman

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    He has razor-sharp teeth, slit pupils and yellow eyes, and a scar over his right eye. He bares several scars around his shoulders, and dons very expensive jewelry on his fingers. Those jewels are actually dyed diamonds that are pierced into his flesh. The stones can be removed, but the metal casing cannot. He has fully functional gills on both sides of his neck, and because of his Tiger Shark genetics he has stripped designs all throughout his body.

       Personality: Vincent is on the more gentle side when it comes to Fishmen, believe it or not. He dons no hatred towards humans, and has quite a bit of personality if he opens up. His demeanor makes him not very approachable in general, having that intimidating look and gaze about him. Towards his friends and Fishmen nakama he has no stronger feelings of loyalty. This loyalty is hereditary, a trait he received from his father no doubt. Aside from loyalty towards possible friends, the second most important thing to Vincent is money. He loves having it, and loves spending it. He isn't the usual Fishman who would use it to manipulate people and rule them, but rather he would dote on himself and spend it on frivolous things instead.

    Aside from those casual characteristics, the last thing to know about Vincent is his violent behavior. He has anger problems, even towards his friends. He is the gentle giant, who is willing and able to take a life without even thinking about it if the situation called for it. He wouldn't go on a murdering rampage, but Vincent is known to use violence to get his way from time to time. In recent days he's used his stature and strength to intimidate and threaten villagers in order to get food and some money. He hopes that one day he won't need to resort to such things, but until he finds his own crew or joins one he will most likely just keep living the same way.

       History: Well, where to start? Vincent was brought up as a very prestigious fishman. His lifestyle was that of luxury compared to many others that had to fight for respect. He wasn't looked down on at all, given a lot of his growing up was in the Grand Line. His whole life Vincent was around piracy. At a young age he would watch his father fight Marines head to head, and join into the fights all before he hit adolescence. His attitude growing up showed the kind of life that he lived, a violent one revolved around wealth and violence. Even to this day he dresses with nice attire, despite the fact that he has nothing to go on.

    Well, like mentioned before Vincent has nothing to go on in regards to himself currently. His early adulthood had a mishap with one of his father's former pirate crewmen. This, human, that was under his father's employment decided to go haywire and attack Vincent when no one was really paying attention. Vincent killed him, not thinking anything about it. However, it just so happened that this human was his father's only source to a hidden cove of treasure he had been searching for on a nearby island. His father was enraged, and ordered him to be exiled from his crew and fishmen family. It was during his leaving of the ship that one of his father's men started drama on board the ship, and eventually lead a full-fledged mutiny against the captain. Vincent felt enraged and angered by this, but he did nothing as he watched the mutineers kill his father, and take the ship for their own.

    The remaining crew offered Vincent a spot on their ship, but he had enough of the life his father had given him. He knew he wasn't a match for the crew that had overthrown his father, yet he felt hopelessly pathetic for allowing them go just to get revenge on his father. Yes, Vincent is a fishman but he valued his family. Now, he might as well have killed his father himself. Vincent didn't allow this incident to rule his life. Little did Vincent know at the time that the reason his father exiled him over such a minor incident was because of the rumored mutiny. In reality, Vincent's father saved him.

    It took several weeks for the truth to come out from one of his father's friends, so eventually Vincent was able to emotionally recover from the incident. He picked himself up, and ventured out of the Grand Line to the seas beyond. He's been sailing by himself for the past decade, so he really has no idea what lies ahead of him at this point. He's made many connections, allies, and even some enemies on his travels. Who knows where this will lead him.

       Pirate, Marine, or Bounty Hunter: Pirate

       Starting Ocean: East Blue

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