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    Name: Uohito Kyudo Uzumi

    Age: 17

    The basic sum of it:
    Uohito K. Uzumi Second_Fishman_Drawing

    Uohito has pale blue "skin" as what could be seen from a minor distance, though upon feel he has scales. His teeth are razor sharp, his eyes are a dark blue, and he has black hair. His skin and teeth's explanation come from one thing; he is a fishman. He stands at the same size an average sized human would, his total height being five foot nine inches. He has gills on the side of his neck, where most fishmen had their gills. He often wears darker colored clothing, which includes often a sleeveless shirt, some shorts running half way past the knee, and then to go with the clothing he would often wear sandles.

    Personality: Uohito is optimistic, always thinking on the bright side of the future. He's a man of many dreams, he considers himself to be, anyways. One of his dreams was to become a shichibukai, this way he could protect his homeland, the Fishman Island. He considers his birthplace of major importance, which is the only reason he had decided to become a pirate. Besides that, a Fishman couldn't do much else, due to slight discrimination against them. At least, that was what Uohito had been raised to believe.

    Despite being raised to believe that people, humans, and other species hated the fishman race, he doesn't expect someone to display it in public, and often acts as if he 'fits in' with those around him, as if there is no difference among race. He eats, speaks, and acts like he doesn't care for any discrimination.

    Uohito wants to be unique. His appearance and race somewhat makes that up, as you don't often see a fishman outside of fishman island that often, though he wanted to be completely unique. He hadn't heard of one, so he wanted to make up a crew entirely of different races. If he could, he would prefer for there to be only one of all races. This included half races, of course. Giants, half giants, and more. He wanted to sail all the seas, in search for a member of a specific race whom could join his crew.

    Uohito is one to not give up. He has a strong will, and normally would not back down from a challenge. There are a few occasions when Uohito could not accept a challenge, for example, whenever someone else's life were to be put on the line of Uohito winning, while should he do not accept the challenge then the life of said person would be completely safe and free.

    History: While he was born within fishman island, he wasn't raised there. Instead he was raised in the oceans of the east blue, this being due to some trauma which had appeared within the fishman island. Apparently there was a group of racist pirates, he was raised to believe, which invaded his homeland. Pirates apparently came to the island one after another to get past into the New World, though Uohito had some problems believing that every pirate who had visited disliked the Fishmen. That didn't exactly mean that he didn't believe there was some discrimination. As a kid, he was taught in Fishman Karate by his father, who was once a pirate. Though Uohito didn't know what his father's crew was called, he respected them. He had wanted to be a pirate, after hearing the tales told by his father. This was when he had the idea on becoming a Shichibukai, and protecting his homeland.

    Uohito continued to train in fishman karate, Jujutsu, and such. He wasn't that skilled at it at first, his father had nearly lost hope in him. However over time he had improved. Though that hadn't mattered, soon enough, a group of pirates had approached near their uninhabited island home. They walked upon the beaches of the island. Alarmed, both his mother and his father had headed out to combat them, worried about discrimination. They died during the fight. Uohito was asleep at the time. He held no ill bearings towards these human pirates, mainly due to his family having attacked first. He was raised by these pirates, only barely. They had bought him to a semi-populated island, where he lived in the forest, next to the beach. They bought him money, simply from sympathy for murdering this lad's parents. Through this, he kept himself well fed, and could survive until the age of seventeen, when the pirates had retired, after most, including their captain, died in the home Uohito was raised in. He set out, using their ship, and swam to shore to avoid detection, to a rather populated island.

    Pirate, Marine, or Bounty Hunter: Pirate

    Starting Ocean: Born in Grandline/New World, in East blue

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    That picture made me laugh so hard.

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