Character Creation Form

    Character Creation Form Empty Character Creation Form

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    One Piece - Grand Line Adventures

    Character Creation

    Copy and paste the form below into a new topic in this forum.
    Put your character's information on the right hand side of the [/b*] codes, erase the information in brackets where necessary.
    Do not create a clone of any of the characters currently in One Piece.
    Your character must be approved before you can roleplay.
    You must start in the ocean you designate when completing the form.


    [b][color=#000099]Name:[/color][/b] (first and last)

    [b][color=#000099]Age:[/color][/b] (minimum of 16 unless playing as a child)

    [b][color=#6600FF]Race:[/color][/b] (Dwarf, Fishman, Giant, Human, Merfolk.)

    [b][color=#6600FF]Appearance:[/color][/b] (hair, eyes, clothes, etc. A picture will do.)

    [b][color=#6600FF]Personality:[/color][/b] (how they normally act)

    [b][color=#6600FF]History:[/color][/b] (the character's past)

    [b][color=#990099]Pirate, Marine, or Bounty Hunter:[/color][/b] (choose one)

    [b][color=#990099]Starting Ocean:[/color][/b] (East Blue, North Blue, etc)

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