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    One Piece - Grand Line Adventures

    Roleplay Rules

    1. As stated in the basic rules, Metagaming and Godmodding are not allowed.

    2. Even though this is a One Piece RPG, you should still be realistic about what your characters can and cannot do. For example, jumping over an entire building would be too unrealistic compared to jumping through a ground-floor window, smashing the glass, cutting yourself slightly and rolling over to safety on the other side.

    3. Your character should have a reason for doing their actions. For instance, they can't just go and attack an island because 'they feel like it' unless they are an evil character that does that in the first place.

    4. Please try to post at least 50 words per post to give the other player(s) something to reply to.

    5. When roleplaying, you may create as many topics in one area (such as East Blue or West Blue) as you want, but you cannot have multiple topics in multiple areas (such as three in East Blue and one in West Blue).

    6. If you apply the above rule to your roleplaying and a character dies or something drastic or game-changing happens, then the topic that is last chronologically is affected at its end. So for instance, if a character dies, then the last chronological topic runs on as normal until its end, after which the character is presumed dead.

    7. Because of the troublesome nature of a game-changer amongst multiple topics (as in the two above rules), please do ask staff for clarification in particular scenarios if need be.

    8. It is recommended you work out with your posting partners how you want topics to flow. For example, if you want everyone to post at least once before it is your turn again in that topic, then it is best to state at the start. However, if you are happy for anyone to post at any time, then state this. The presumed default is the former.

    9. If the above rule is applied in terms of everyone posting before your turn comes around again, from the last post, the next poster has 48 hours to make their post before they are skipped and presumed to have stalled or paused in their actions, depending on the context. The next poster can then post.

    10. Regarding items obtained in roleplay, they can only be gained through reasonable means, such as a sword from a fallen swordsman on a battlefield - this must be used in moderation and is context-sensitive. For instance, it cannot be said that 100 men suddenly die in the streets (unless there is some poison or gas attack or something but even then, it would perhaps take time to work and may affect the user!)  and that you pick up all their stuff to sell. You cannot obtain special or magical items this way either.

    11. In conjunction with the 'money rules', You can obtain items (for free) normally obtained through purchases and use them in the same topic, if they are obtained through roleplay in that very same topic. This only applies to basic items though, such as flintlock pistols, cutlasses, pebbles, dirt, cloth, etc, and must be obtained by either picking them up from the ground in a reasonable scenario (see rule 10) or from the landscape (as in, grass from a grassy area, for example).

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    Updated to include rule 11.


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