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    Sophia P1neT1j
    Name: Sophia Millione

    Age: Twenty-One

    Race: Human

    Appearance: Despite being twins, Anna and Sophia actually doesn't have much in common physically.
    Sophia P6cruBP
    Anna usually comes off as the more attractive of the two with her blonde hair and her tendency to dress in clothing to impress others or very teasingly. Although, while she may be the elder of the two, she is actually less developed in terms of physical proportions, such as her breasts, hip and waist, as such she naturally weights less, being 129 lbs. Albeit, she is the taller of the two, standing at 5'6".
    Sophia Tva5lw4
    Sophia is much less outstanding with her choice of attire than Anna is. She tends wear clothing that don't reveal much of her body as she tends to come off as a extremely prideful person. As mentioned, she is considerably more developed than her sister physically, albeit most do not notice it as she keeps it subtle under her clothing. She stands at 5'4" and weighs 151 lbs.

    Personality: Much like with their appearances, the Millione girls, have very contrasting personalities, and even more so, they have personalities that contradict their appearances.

    Anna is a very peppy person, something easily figured by her typical smile. She is outgoing and sees mostly everything in a positive manner, usually being the one to bring excitement to any situation. Albeit, she is the least intelligent of the two and generally the least competent. She can be rather clumsy, matching to her playfulness, and usually Sophia has to correct her errors. She also is very loud and brash, and can be a sadist and masochist.

    Sophia is much the more composed of the two. She thinks before she acts, she does things with good reasons most times and she is extremely competent. Albeit, she tends to take the orders of the sisters and so tends to get into mishaps. She also happens to be rather greedy and lustful. She is practically always hungry and when she does eat, her usual poise is forgotten. And while her sister would expected to be the more lustful of the two, Sophia can be very promiscuous as her earlier years within the family.

    History: Anna and Sophia's involvement into the criminal acts they are in now all stems from the day they were born. Their mother and primarily their father were involved in the Mafia business, with their father being a high ranking mafia boss under the Millione Family. As such, naturally they were forced to adopt to the life being in the Mafia in the future.

    Although, as women their roles, much like their mothers had been different within the family due to the mafia families stereotypical sexism. For much of their life within the family they acted as simply assistance, acting behind the lines, while the men held authority and did the more dangerous task. When they were sixteen, they started to be used for more pleasurable needs.

    Regardless of their jobs, the girls were quite happy as they did in fact enjoy the mafia life. Although, unlike most other women in the family, they sought to be less than simple "whores". When they eighteen they began to take interest in combat. Years of watching from the sidelines and determination caused them to learned rather quickly to become legitimate combats by the time they were twenty-one.

    Under the mafia, they began to take up assassination and naturally bounty hunting came along.

    Pirate, Marine, or Bounty Hunter: Bounty Hunter

    Starting Ocean: East Blue

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    Hello Smile

    This is a very nice application, but I'm afraid you cannot actually have both characters at the same time - what you can do however, once I've put up the alternate character rules, is to make another account/character topic, and register the other one of these characters in that topic.

    So for now, would it be alright just to choose one of these and run with them until the second character rules are made? Or even to ask someone else to control the other?

    The reasoning for this is that everyone else has one character, and controlling two at once would effectively allow you to overpower a significantly stronger foe far more easily, or even to do actions that normally require the interaction of two players.

    Thank you for understanding, and I hope that you do choose one to carry on with Very Happy


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    I'll be playing Sophia, the position for Anna is open to anyone, just use the info provided.

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    As Sophia:

    Sophia OPApproved_zpscd949eab

    Thank you for joining One Piece - Grand Line Adventures.
    Please make a topic in the Character Log forum, and put a link to the topic in your signature.

    Have fun on the Blue Seas!


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