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    Post by Haru on Fri Aug 23, 2013 3:52 pm

    Name: Garrett Aduro

    Age: 17

    Race: Human

    Appearance: Garrett Young-anime-boy

    Personality: Garrett is a very eccentric person, he has been described by some as psychotic, and a genius by others. It depends on your perspective. He is very perceptive, and he looks at things differently then most do, helping him to make judgements much better. He is a small bit antisocial as a result, as he has strange quirks most would find strange, childish even. He has a tendency to "Change faces" when in a conversation, adapting to whoever he is talking to to get on their good side. He is not above lying, and does so almost instinctively, about little things that wouldn't even matter, mostly because it amuses him to see people believe him. He is, naturally, very skilled at deception, evasion, and covert maneuvers. He is slightly paranoid.

    Garrett is very cynical. He's very clever and observant. He's a loner normally, though he is known to have a weakness for certain women. He's also very brave and is willing to "rough it" in order to get a job done. He doesn't really sympathize with most people. He's very critical of himself, and if he ever makes a mistake, he berates himself greatly. He's very proud and vain of himself, and tends to think higher of himself then most.

    History: Garrett was born into a very wealthy family, who owned a house on a private island in the East blue, near Loguetown. His parents often babied him, confining him to home for most of his days, fearing what the outside world would do to him. The containment led to his eccentric and cynical personality, since he had very little outside contact with the world. Naturally, this led to him being even more curious about the world around them then before. He eventually grew tired of that lifestyle, constantly being locked up, and sought for a way out, to the riches and adventure of the sea. He tried countless times to sneak off the island to the mainland on a raft, but was caught every time by his father. His parents sought out psychological help for him due to these attempts, (As well as his unusual personality), which only made him want to escape more, as he himself thought there was nothing wrong with him for wanting to get as far away from that place as possible. Finally, after years of trying to escape, his parents let their guard down while tending to guests they were having, when the had a very excessive wine tasting session. Garrett made his escape, taking the keys to the gate off his father while he slept, sneaking out, and using a small raft he built to sail to the mainland, where he began planning his new life as a pirate.

    Faction: Pirate

    Starting Ocean: East Blue

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    I like the history Smile

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