Snakbarz and a meeting...?

    Snakbarz and a meeting...? Empty Snakbarz and a meeting...?

    Post by Dragon on Thu Aug 22, 2013 12:50 pm

    Note: Set before Chocolate or Vanilla

    Longshort Crag was an amazing place, renowned for its citizen's love of parties. Shun was wading through the crowd just as the sun had begun to set, trying to reach one of the stalls that sold his favourite food - Snakbarz. They had claimed the name was trendy, but all Shun thought of it was that it was goofy. Nonetheless, once he had tried the bar in the past, he'd fell in love with it. It was a mix of sweet, chocolatey goodness with tiny dried grape and raisin pieces in a rectangular mould.

    Finally reaching the stall, Shun looked over its wares. Snakbarz were stacked top to bottom in a variety of dizzying shapes and arrangements, including a bridge of the chocolate above the actual stall itself.
    "I'll have a couple." Shun said with a smile. The clerk grinned, eager to take Shun's money and paying no attention to his lowered hood. He handed the boy the couple of the bars he asked for, and they both waved farewell.

    Shun then made his way down the jetty to watch the moonlight flicker in the reflection on top of the waves, which sloshed gently against the shore. The foam motioned up and down like a hypnotist's pendant, and before long, Shun was beginning to fall asleep, Snakbarz in pocket and crowd roaring with laughter and celebrationary phrases in the background of the town.


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    Post by Talion on Fri Aug 23, 2013 10:18 am

    Chaos soon ensued. A man flew out of a window, and rolled along the ground as he smacked onto the side of a nearby stand. People began to hush up, and somewhat panic in spots at the development that had just happened. The building that the man flew out of was a bar. Of course, a bar. How stereotypical? But this situation was a bit different than what you would think. This was no normal bar fuss.

    -5 minutes ago-

    Vincent Talion made his way to the bar stool. He felt relaxed enough in this tow to be more open with who he was as as species. This was a fun time, and Vincent wasn't here to start trouble. He had saved up enough Beli to enjoy himself in this town for a change, rather than steal. He wasn't about to start trouble on his own. Sitting at the bar, Vincent looked intimidating. It kind of set the bartender off in a confused look for a moment. "Barkeep, a strong rum please, on the rocks." Vincent said with a calm voice as he laid down his payment, and a good tip.

    That made the bartender perk up a bit, happily taking the money from the stranger and fixing up his drink. "Ah, thank you sir. What brings someone like you out this way, mind me asking?" The bartender was being friendly as he fixed up the drink, and placed it in front of Vincent. The fishman took the drink with a razor-sharp smile, and downed it in one gulp.

    "Well, I'm just here for the festivities. It's been a while since I had an evening of rela-" Vincent was cut off from the flinging of a chair smacking the back of his head. The fishman was quiet, and the bartender was silent, and somewhat scared at the same time. Vincent stood, and turned to face whoever threw the chair.

    A man, hick looking, started spitting prejudice comments out at Vincent for being a fishman, telling him to get lost and mind his business elsewhere. Vincent got angry, and smacked the man with his tail as hard as he could, sending him flying outward towards the window.

    -current time-

    Vincent calmly walked out of the bar, laying money down on the bar before leaving to pay for the damage. "Sorry." The bartender looked shocked, and tried to stop Vincent from leaving just because some hick was stupid. Talion knew better, and knew there would be more to come if he stayed in the bar. He'd rather fight in the streets than damage an establishment like that. His shadow was overcast on the man he just smacked out the window. His eyes narrowed down, and his teeth bore anger. He was pissed.


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    Shun jolted awake upon hearing the sound of smashing glass. He spun around just in time to see a man roll into a nearby stand, knocking off its perilously-perched bits and bobs. A crowd began to gather, the observers conjuring up a hushed silence with passer-bys chattering among themselves. Shun craned his neck to get a good view, seeing a Fishman descend upon the beaten man.

    "Hang on a moment!" Shun called out, jamming the Snakbarz in his pocket, dashing toward the Fishman and the downed man. The downed man called out to Shun, but Shun didn't pay any attention to the cry - he heaved through the crowd, jamming himself between the Fishman and the other man.
    "What do you think you're doing?" He asked, gnashing his teeth, though he knew that in a tooth fight, the Fishman would undoubtedly win. Noneheless, he stood to face his angry guise.
    "This is supposed to be an island of parties, not fights...!" Shun could hear the observers whispering. The least he could do was help the man, call the Navy or end the fight somehow.


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