Event: Party at Longshort Crag!

    Event: Party at Longshort Crag! Empty Event: Party at Longshort Crag!

    Post by Dragon on Mon Aug 19, 2013 6:18 am

    Event: Party at Longshort Crag! 300px-Shanks'_Jungle_Island

    Party at Longshort Crag, East Blue

    Longshort Crag is an island of festivals, day and night. During the day, most of its residents work for each other in order to obtain enough materials or money to fund and supply the parties that run at night. Prices at the stalls under the flickering lights are exorbitant, to enable the island to profit off its reputation of being a perfect tourist resort. Many of those that visit are pirates in East Blue, as well as ordinary citizens looking for a break from home.

    Longshort Crag is the perfect place for characters to get to know each other and to build a crew for the journey beyond!

    Messenger seagulls have been delivering flyers for the latest party at Longshort Crag - hoped to be the largest the island has ever seen - all over East Blue.


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