Struggling to Begin?

    Struggling to Begin? Empty Struggling to Begin?

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    One Piece - Grand Line Adventures

    Struggling to Begin?

    If you're reading this, chances are you're either looking for new posts on this forum and are interested in what they say, or you want some help on beginning your character's story. Don't worry - I have some tips here that you can use.

    Getting Started:
    If you've just made your character and haven't rolplayed here, great, keep reading! If you've roleplayed before and just want some tips on new topics, then skip to the next header.

    When your character first enters the world of One Piece, they may be a seasoned adventurer or a wet-behind-the-ears and a good-for-nothing thief. Whatever their background, the player is the one most likely to be intimidated by such a big world of possibilities opening up for them. In order to alleviate this, start small. Try starting with your character leaving their house or job for the first time to join the world of Pirates, Marines or Bounty Hunters. If you log onto the chat and find someone to roleplay with, even better! Multiple people working on one topic can really help speed things along, and the 48-hour rule means that skipping players is possible, preventing topics getting hung due to one person being away. Whilst this may remain difficult in a two-person topic, constant communication between the parties about the topic can help keep inspiration levels high.

    If your character has already begun to set out and wants to travel to find shipmates, remember that you start with a basic raft at the very least, found in the Ship Creation Forum. This raft is free because it can be made from simple materials - a sail from a bedsheet, a mast and the deck from wooden logs or planks, and bound together by string. An oar is optional, but it is easy enough to sail the small vessel with your hands and the wind.

    Joining pirate crews is suggested if you cannot find people to be on your crew. The cap on the number of people in a pirate crew is to prevent everyone going into just a few crews, so even if you see several 9-person-large crews, you don't need to fear them because you can either join them or rest safe in the knowledge their crew will almost be full and new people will have to join others - even yours!

    If you're a Marine, you can undergo combat training with other Marines, or spend your time hunting down Pirates or defending the Marine Bases. The Marines have a more regimented structure which enables them to go up in rank - something Pirates can't do unless their crew has a ranking setup. The best pirates can do by default is become a ship's specialist, like a Navigator. Additionally, in regards to this, it is important for Pirates to be able to hire people with different specialisms, like one Navigator (a person who spends all their stats on Navigating), one cook (one person who does the same for cooking) and so on. What a Marine can do to throw a spanner into a pirate crew's storyline is to capture or prevent a crew from obtaining a specific person to be on their crew. From then on, the crew will have a decision - to fight for that person, or to go to find someone else.

    Bounty Hunters have the most freedom of the groups. With few friends and many enemies, Bounty Hunters have a life of survival ahead of them. If they so wish, they can gather a crew of Bounty Hunters to travel with them, bargain with pirates or even join up with the Marines, since they don't advocate piracy (in most cases...?) - this means they can get rich quickly and can become very dangerous, very fast. Their lifespans are often short though.

    All in all, try finding roleplay partners by posting in the forum, looking on the chat, sending messages to certain players or by creating a topic, then linking it to people you think could join.

    Have fun on the High Seas!

    Continuing the Story:
    You know the story, You make your character, get them statted up and kitted up, but then after your first topic you think 'ok, now what?'. This is a common problem for roleplayers, and one that One Piece suffers from with its slow East Blue arc. The introduction of the site is often spent gathering enough shipmates to be able to travel to the Grand Line, but remember you can still gather shipmates once IN the Grand Line - all you need is a Navigator with a stat of 1 to start travelling there.

    One Piece was able to be successful because each of its characters has a tie to the past, including past events and other characters. The Don Krieg we saw in East Blue for example (in the overly long Restaurant on the Sea arc...) - I have a feeling we haven't seen the last of him. Meeting other people in this roleplay in this case allows for re-meetings to occur, often with shock or surprise, especially if a character has done something unexpected, or become even stronger faster than the other.

    When planning roleplays, try to work with other characters and offer suggestions for what can be done - most people's aims may be to get to the island at the end of the Grand Line (which is not Raftel by name, as this is an alternate universe, but is the equivalent) - but this aim is what causes people to meet again. Only those with the strongest wills, most friends or most links and information will survive the entire Grand Line. How would your character feel if they found out they lost a friend halfway back at the Grand Line once they're at one of the last islands? How would they feel to know that your once-best-friend pillaged your hometown in the East Blue? Would they still be willing to continue their adventure, or would they go and hunt down the 'friend'? Would they believe that everyone survived, and go back to help them, or continue for their own gains? Conflict between the captain and crew can also create tense situations, perhaps resulting in the splitting of a crew and the creation of enemies.

    If you get bored of travelling the Grand Line, remember that each island is a new one. If you're bored, you've probably been on an island too long. Set sail to the next one - plan your route with your crew members if you like - and experience the dangers that lie on that new island. Each island is often tougher than the last, so new challenges and new potential storylines will occur.

    And that is the beauty of One Piece - Grand Line Adventures. Let us know if you have any problems or need help Smile


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