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    One Piece - Grand Line Adventures

    Money Rules

    1. You must not modify the amount of beli (the currency of One Piece) you have unless you buy/sell something or you win it in a competition, obtain it from an event or from another player character (not NPC).

    2. You should log how many beli you obtain or lose from your profile in your Character Development Log Topic. This prevents mix-ups or losses in case you deduct or add a wrong amount.

    3. To buy something, post the link to the bought item in your development topic (linked and stated in rule 2) and deduct the amount of beli required from your profile.

    4. If you buy something, you cannot use it in a roleplay topic that is running at the same time of the purchase, unless the purchase was made within the roleplay topic itself. If you make a purchase outside the roleplay topic, the purchase will be applied to your next opened or entered roleplay topic instead.

    5. Everyone starts with 500 beli.

    6. If you kill another character in battle, you may loot their corpse for all their Beli.

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    Added rule 6.


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