Strangest Dream You've Had?

    Strangest Dream You've Had? Empty Strangest Dream You've Had?

    Post by Dragon on Tue Aug 13, 2013 11:22 pm

    I think I've had one of the strangest dreams ever.

    There was this swanky hotel with gold trims and everything, but by the elevators, the floor was cracked in a sort of half-circle and bits of the floor were everywhere. The porter told us (a friend and I) to go in anyway. The elevator itself had a gold bar around the circumference, with wooden walls. There were four lights in the top. Then the porter told us the elevator was known as the 'Lion's Roar', and we were about to find out why.

    I looked at the panel - there were 200 floors in this hotel! The elevator started slowly, then started to accellerate, doing about 20 floors a second! The entire thing was roaring from the speed, shaking, the lights were flickering and my ears were popping! I tried to slow down the elevator by leaning aside to scrape it along the sides, but this didn't do much and my friend brought up the safety concern of sparks. Then we came to a sudden halt at the top floor, nearly being thrown to the top of the elevator. The doors opened, revealing a second cracked floor.

    In this top floor was a giant room with gold trimmings, a red carpet with swirls on it, and three more safer-looking elevators. My friend and I clambered out, we were never going in that thing again! On the opposite side of the room was a red and gold semicircle seating set up in front of a giant projector and board, where a talk leader was teaching kids how to draw manga...


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