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    Name: Joben Hawk

    Age: 19

    Appearance: Joben is a young man. His body is built quite average looking for a
    young man as well. He is roughly 6 foot and 2 inches tall, give or take a
    centimeter. He weighs 210 pounds, only because of the muscle he's accumulated at work.
    His muscles are toned quite well and can be seen fairly easily. His arms looking looking somewhat bare and average until he actually uses them.

    He has a young face. Its kept clean shaven at almost all times. Combine
    that with his slightly long blonde hair that rolls down to his eyes and
    he has the look of a teenage punk. His eyes however are somewhat of an
    oddity. He suffers from a abnormality which causes his eyes to be two different
    colors. His left eye is a rather average looking blue if not just a little on the
    darker side while his right eye is green.

    He often seen wearing a variety of T-shirts, pants, shorts,
    long sleeved shirts, jackets. If it can be worn, Joben can be seen
    wearing it. His most general attire that he can be seen wearing most
    often would be a comprised of mostly work clothes. He is often spotted
    wearing shirts with the sleeves ripped off and frayed and Shorts with
    fray from constant wear and tear

    Personality: Joben is what he likes to consider a free spirit.
    He does what he wants and usually gets away with it. He is laid back and is overflowing
    optimism. He also considers himself to be an adrenaline junky. He takes great joy in
    performing crazy stunts and feat that most people don't usually have the courage to attempt.
    He likes to take pride in his crazy and lets it take him pretty much wherever in life,
    whether it be a knife fight in an ally or running with the bulls.

    History: Joben grew up among a band of traveling Gypsies, called the Rumani, in the farther most reaches of East Blue. His mother and father were swingers, traveling with the caravan as they moved from place to place. In truth, Joben's birth was an accidental happening after a frivolous night of drinking and hardcore partying. Refusing to abandon the child but unable to give up the only life they ever knew, his parents stayed on and Joben was born several months later.

    The gypsies were an enigmatic group of travelers. They engaged in many forms of activity wherever they went; from poison-making to prostitution, and were even hired as professional assassins for a short time. When they came to town, they would set up a large camp and sell wares and services to finance their lifestyle. They would stay for anywhere between a few months to a week before moving onto the next town, vanishing into the night. They traveled between islands, taking ship, ferry, or walking over the distant mountains to reach their next destination, never staying in one place for very long.

    As a result, Joben received a rich education in various cultures scattered all around East Blue as well as the  secrets of the Rumani clan. Wherever they went, he would explore towns, forests, caves, and mountains that they passed. He learned many of the Gypsies trade secrets, how to make a basic poison and how the wares that they sold in town were produced. During this period, Joben developed a habit of dressing in the fashion that he does now, since it made it easier for him to be accepted among the gypsies.

    When he was 11 however, the Gypsies fortunes changed for the worse. While they were visiting a town, one of the gypsies was charged with "entertaining" a prominent noble of East Blue during a party. For some reason, the festivities ended badly and the Gypsy saw fit to curse one of the nobles' most prized possessions, a painting. She proclaimed that as long as he shall own the painting, he would become the bearer of much misfortune. The noble, having a bad temper and not willing to take this lying down, had the woman and the rest of the band run out of town.

    From then on, the band of Rumani were not welcomed anywhere. They were either run out of town or threatened with imprisonment if they didn't go elsewhere. One night while the Gypsies were camping outside a town, they were attacked by an angry mob of townsfolk who called them "Demon-worshippers." They killed many of the Rumani before they could get away. 2 of those killed in the fighting were the mother and father of Joben.

    Although they managed to escape, Joben found himself in deep despair that lasted for quite a while. The gypsies remained wanderers, the harshness of the nomad's life taking their toll. Some died from disease and malnutrition while others became too distraught to go on. Joben was travelling with the caravan one day when he was approached by an oddly dressed man. "Lets talk" he said. Joben blinked for a second, seeing something in the man's eyes that he didn't fully understand. A sternness. A will to continue on. It didn't cheer him up entirely, but it snapped him out of his moping for a second or two.

    When they set up camp, Joben traveled to a large tent where several other boys around his age were also present. After a few moments of silence, the man started talking. "We cannot go on like this. Not for much longer at least." He started to give a long speech, noting some of his personal history with the Rumani people. After some rambling, the man finally got to the point on why they'd assembled. He'd gathered them all there to create the first gypsy fighting force. He would take all of them under his wing, giving them entirely different clothes to wear and teaching them ballet.

    They became prodiges to the man, learning the basic fighting style the man knew that utilized the legs as the main form of offensive. As time passed, Joben did slowly start to get better emotionally, and started to throw himself further into the training. He added a few ideas to the fighting style, adapting it to suit himself better. Two years went by as Joben trained under the tutelage of the man. The fighting force of the gypsies was in full effect after a year, and the results were excellent. The gypsy caravan finally managed to settle down at towns while the newly-named fighters were able to protect the gypsies from anyone who threatened the caravan. They were even able to create weapons, after having lost all they had in the various raids. Each gypsy merchant now bore arms while the men were able to fight off the majority of attacks by angry citizens.

    Despite some opposition to name the fighting style they created "Gypsy Combat" the man overruled it and decided to call it "Okama Combat" instead. Having done as much as he had for them, none could find it in them to oppose him.

    At the age of 14, Joben was a modest fighter, though just starting his growth spurt and was still regularly overpowered by older boys. One day, Joben was travelling with the caravan when one of the children vanished from sight. As the closest nearby, Joben left to search the forest they had just passed. He called out the child's name for about half an hour before he managed to find him chasing a rabbit in the dark thickets. Taking the child's hand, Joben began leading him back out of the forest before he spotted something else in his peripheral vision. Thinking it was probably a wild animal or somebody else he picked up his pace and fled.

    It was a return to a peaceful era from than on. Joben continued to train and protect the caravan in the corps. It was an honorable duty and a service to keep his fellow Rumani safe and he did so with distinction for 4 years. They'd settled down in one town to sell wares. In the past, there'd always been two kinds of people in cities the Rumani visited: the customers and the detractors. Some eagerly welcomed the gypsies since their wares were cheaper and more skillfully produced than city merchants while others spread hatred of them because of their way of life and beliefs in some cases.

    One day, they stopped at a town to set up shop near the outskirts of a far-off island. At the age of 18, Joben came into first contact with pirates. He'd heard of them many times, but only in fearful stories of how they raided villages and killed civilians. When he first met them at the dock harbor, his first reaction was understandably unfamiliarity and uncertainty. His outfit also seemed to warrant some... interesting reactions from them as many of them thought he was a girl before they had the chance to talk.

    As Joben conversed with the group, he found an odd sense of belonging within the pirate crew. It was a small family... just like his own family of gypsies. He deeply enjoyed the company of the pirates and felt an odd sense of companionship to them as their life was the same as his. They lived just as freely as the gypsies, only difference was that they were seemingly wanted everywhere by the World government.

    Joben continued to meet the pirate crew, until a single day a few weeks after the pirates had arrived and just as the Rumani were about to leave. Joben was finally 19 when the island was beset by pirates, who burned and pillaged the entire town in a single night. The gypsies and pirates banded together to defend the town, but were overwhelmed. All of the gypsy caravan and the entire motley pirate crew that Joben had come to know were killed. Joben managed to fight his way off the island, secretly rowing off into the night while the town burned. He rowed until his tears dried up, and he was left alone in the night, crying loudly into the night sky.

    He wound up at an island a short distance away, hobbling onto the shore as the sun broke over the horizon. He stared at it, wondering from then on where to go. The gypsy caravan was lost and he had no more tears to cry. His thoughts were a messy jumbled up haze and his head was a pounding throb that seemed to never stop and his heart was a complete and utter mess. He looked out into the sunrise, feeling the warmth wash over him and his tranquil eyes shining off the light.

    He wandered the town for a day in a ghost-like trance, collecting his thoughts and reorganizing his emotions. As he rounded a corner on a sullen gray street, he glanced around a corner and saw several wanted posters plastered onto a billboard. He tore one down and looked at it with fury as the distinct photo brought tears to his eyes and memories tearing back to him. That was the moment however when Joben decided his next move. He remembered the happiness that the pirates had found on their journey. It rekindled his spirit to think of the stories they told him and the things they'd seen. Even if the world was supposedly against them, they reveled in each other's company.

    He tore off the poster and threw it into the sea. He watched the piece of paper float along the air until it landed on the water. He remembered that moment well, for it would be the defining one that set him on his course to piracy.

    With conviction in his heart and all his old friends faces in his mind, he set sail on a stolen fishing boat, rowing off into the ocean.

    Pirate, Marine, or Bounty Hunter: Pirate

    Starting Ocean: East Blue

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    I checked it up against your height, 210 pounds is overweight Razz
    The average is about 160, if you're going for a muscular look. But I don't think we'll be calculating how much heavier you get each time you gain a strength point...

    Can you remove the Devil Fruit from your history?

    Rest seems ok.


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    *bumps* Its been edited

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