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    Name: Kuma

    Age: 18


    Kuma is a rather random person doing things to benefit mostly himself, often it causes him to get into quite a bit of trouble. Some say he does it to annoy his parents, but he really just does it to get what he wants, his motto is just take it if you want it if you aren't strong enough make yourself stronger. He strives to be free often avoiding marines and breaking rules that they impose on people. "The strong have the right to take what they want, and the weak are there to be exploited" is the exact reason why he became a pirate, all in all hoping to make himself stronger.

    When not getting what he wants Kuma can become very brutal and violent, known to go to desperate measure to make sure he gets what he wants. He doesn't necessarily harm people to get what he wants, but for the pure enjoyment of doing the act itself. Unlike other pirates he always keeps his word, because he holds it the highest because well its his word and he will usually benefit from the events. Bottling up his emotions, he shares them with no one almost always having a demented smile or smirk on his face.

    The only respect he shows is for the captain that will guide him on their journey, crew mates if they're lucky (they may but heads but he really knows better than to harm them because it would just set him back.), and rivals because who wants to see someone he can play with die?  A few specific things that can be noticed about him are just common things usually found upon pirates like a bit of drinking and greed.


    Birth and early childhood:
    Kuma was born to a pair of parents who proudly serve in the marines, this is probably half of the reason why he became a pirate. From day one they expect Kuma to go into the marines and live his life exactly how they did theirs; under the command of some higher up and the world government. Its hard to understand exactly why Kuma didn't follow their dreams, well maybe its because they were his parents dreams not his own. Kuma's life as a child was pretty well, his parents would read to him every night, take him out with them during the day, he had just about everything they thought he needed. Whenever they were tasked by the marines Kuma would go and stay at a daycare/school, spending his time learning and socializing while waiting for them to return home.

    Teenage years:
    As a teenager Kuma often found himself being dragged out of trouble by his parents, usually damaging their reputations as marines as well as their plans for him to become one himself. He was too much of a free spirit for them to handle so he was sent away to live in a foster home. He hated it there, he didn't have anything really so he began to just take things doing whatever he wanted often causing anyone and everyone harm for no reason at all sometimes. Not too long after entering the foster home he left on his own accord and began traveling around the island taking anything he wanted or needed, its began to truly make him happy. He witnessed pirates ransacking a town and that's what inspired him to become a pirate, a group of strong people who act exactly like himself taking anything they want not caring at all how it affects other people. So he left the island searching for the perfect pirate group to join.

    Pirate, Marine, or Bounty Hunter: Pirate

    Starting Ocean: East Blue


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    Bump for completion ; history is kinda choppy.
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    Thank you for joining One Piece - Grand Line Adventures.
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