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    Post by Dragon on Tue Aug 13, 2013 9:10 am

    Refer your friends to One Piece - Grand Line Adventures to gain bonuses!

    - To refer someone, have them join and post an introductory topic, saying you were their referee. They must also create a character and do at least one in-character roleplay post.
    - On your Development Log, post a link to the person you referred's introductory topic that says you referred them, and add the corresponding bonuses from the below list to your character:

    1 Player Referred
    - 250 Beli
    - 1 stat point for any of the minor areas

    2 Players Referred (And every two thereafter)
    - 600 Beli

    10 Players Referred
    - One Devil Fruit
    - 1 stat point for any of the major areas


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