Weapon Creation Form

    Weapon Creation Form Empty Weapon Creation Form

    Post by Dragon on Sun Aug 11, 2013 4:59 am

    One Piece - Grand Line Adventures

    Weapon Creation

    Copy and paste the form below into a new topic in this forum.
    Put your weapon's information on the right hand side of the [/b*] codes, erase the information in brackets where necessary.


    [b][color=#000099]Name:[/color][/b] (can be anything non-profane)

    [b][color=#000099]Appearance:[/color][/b] (a link to a picture will do)

    [b][color=#6600FF]Type:[/color][/b] (sword, gun or other - characters may only use weapons relating to their class. Anything 'other' can only be used by non-swordsmen and non-marksmen)

    [b][color=#6600FF]Size:[/color][/b] (how big the weapon is, sheathed and non-sheathed if the sizes are different)

    [b][color=#6600FF]Abilities:[/color][/b] (links with the rank that the person has in their class. Only usually applied to strong weapons that do things other than shoot or slice. For example, someone with '5' in their class may be able to shoot three shots at once compared to someone with '1' in their class, who can only shoot one shot at a time.)

    [b][color=#990099]Cost:[/color][/b] (how much you will pay for this to be created - may be approved, but at a different price by staff)


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