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    Within the deep blue seas in an alternate universe set in the same geographical world of One Piece, none of the original characters remain. However, the timeframe is the same - from the beginning of the series, the original towns and cities within the Blues are the same, but different people roam each of them. The same doesn't apply to the islands within the Grand Line - they are all different.

    When presented with the same world, but different people, what kinds of conflicts will be borne? What relationships shall blossom? Who will be the strongest pirate on the mysterious new Grand Line, what lies at the end of this passage and who will be the main antagonist of nearly every pirate in the sea?

    Who will be the Pirate King?
    Who will be the supreme commander and Admiral of the Marines?
    Will the World Government rule over the land or cease to exist?
    Who will be designated as the Warlords of the Sea?

    Find out in One Piece - Grand Line Adventures!

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