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    Name: Kino Minki Kyodo

    Age: 17

    Appearance: Kyodo, M. Kino 29802103f2e10e74c0a902d5e87f03791332646729_full

    Personality: Kino is an adventurous one. His dream had been to sail the seas since he had been young. He had two dreams, though decided to one day head for the more free one. The life of the pirate seemed to be the most carefree life, one without rules or laws, unlike the life of the marine, his other option. He had assumed the life of a marine would be quite the bore, rather than the fun he had been seeking. Kino enjoys freedom, and would die fighting for that right. In fact, he wouldn't just fight for his own freedom, but as well as other's should they actually deserve the right. Due to his dream of sailing the seas as a pirate, all for adventure, he had been studying navigation since he was young, so he knew enough to set sail on the seas at any time.

    Kino is well-rounded in terms of offense, not really focusing in training in one specific area. He prefers the study of navigation, and other mental skills, though that doesn't necessarily mean that he doesn't focus on physical exercises. He's very keen on balancing his strengths to completely eliminate any weaknesses, he figured he would need all the strength he could get when he would first sail out to sea, what with having no crew what so ever. He is somewhat energetic, always acting happy, especially when he is sailing the sea. He doesn't mind most troubles or obsticals, he only sees them as challenges, and figures they are simply set so that he and whoever else he journeys with to overcome.

    Kino is somewhat social, though at the same time he prefers to remain quiet if he isn't spoken to. He has no problems with talking, though he's not one to start a conversation unless it's been dead silent for quite the while. He remains quiet otherwise, least until he is spoken to.

    Kino enjoys analyzing things, this habit being picked up over the few months of sailing over the seas as a guest on a simple 'cruise-ship' traveling between islands. He was taking note of the islands, their cultures and how things were set up. He also analyzed the weather, better increasing his navigation abilities, at least he had assumed that to be a good navigator it would at least be wise to know the signs of fowl weather.

    History: Kino was born in the East blue. He wasn't born in the Loguetown though he had ended up there. He was born on a different island, his father being a currently deceased marine and his mother a sick jobless woman. It was Kino's job since he had turned to the age of a teenager to work for the families money, him and his older brother's. The burden had been placed upon his brother long before Kino had to share the same burden. He was a total of nine years older, after all. His father had wanted to sail the seas since he was young, therefore he became a marine. Kino had adopted his dreams, though, while he was still young and his father still alive, when he was around he had complained constantly about being a marine. All those regulations one must follow, all the rules, and then there's the fact that they have to hunt down pirates nearly for a majority of their lives. It was a dangerous and restricting job, this is one of the reasons Kino had decided to become a pirate.

    Upon turning the age of sixteen, his father had died on duty. He was reported missing during a terrible storm. At that moment, due to already being ill, his mother died upon hearing the news. The doctors had said it was a heart attack caused by stress. His brother was both relieved and depressed at the same time. He simply took half of the money, most of which he had earned, and left. Leaving a bit for Kino, who could already look for himself. He boarded a cruiseship, upon setting sail he learned a lot from the ship's captain about navigation. When they arrived on the third island, one of their destinations to refuel, Kino decided to take a tour of loguetown. Then, the ship had set off without him.

    Pirate, Marine, or Bounty Hunter: unofficial pirate.

    Starting Ocean: East

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