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    Name: Shun Takehiko (Lit.: Fast Prince)

    Age: 19

    (Excepting sword, 'armour' is purely aesthetic)

    With a dark and moody ensemble, Shun rarely lets his hood reveal his face, except for the times he is off-guard and relaxing. Shun prides himself on beingable to wear baggy clothes, yet not let them impact his speed too much. The reason for this is explained in his history. Other than his clothes, Shun has dark brown eyes and silver hair, and is marginally taller than the average person.

    Personality: Shun rarely relaxes, and is rumoured to do so only once a day. This means that from the moment he wakes up, he is ready to fight, and only lets himself relax just before sleeping, unless he is in a dangerous area. Despite his cautions to keep his identity hidden from those he doesn't know, he's happy to be aloof and himself in times of peace. If facing a foe he cannot beat, he won't surrender or run, but keep fighting until someone interferes. This frequently occurs due to Shun's focus on his speed, meaning he tries not to get as hit or battle-scarred as others. He loves entertainment of the female kind, but prefers to keep to himself regarding his hobbies.

    History: At a young age, his mother was murdered by a roving pirate crew. He was only just able to escape thanks to the training he had received from his father in terms of speed. The village was then able to fight back with the knowledge that casualties from the original attack had been minimised, and that the village's hope was still alive in the form of the 'Fast Prince' (Thus the training had not proven useless).

    Once the enemy had been driven away and those captured were forced into psuedo-slavery, Shun's father continued training him in how to use his focus on speed to his advantage in battle. From then on, he has vowed to focus his efforts on speed where possible. His father also taught him how to wear long, flowing clothes and how to remain moving quickly despite air resistance - by minimising it. This is done by creating small notches in the clothes where air would normally be trapped when running, and by removing excess fabrics around his legs and arms.

    He has set his dream to become the first pirate to fully transverse the Grand Line by evading as much danger as possible with his power, and to teach other pirates the dangers of speed versus power.

    Pirate, Marine, or Bounty Hunter: Pirate

    Starting Ocean: East Blue

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