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    Name: Dan Keiz

    Age: 18

    Appearance: Dan is an extraordinarily tall man, about six foot four inches and weighing in at about two hundred fifty five pounds, who surpasses most in that field, on top of being so tall his figure and body type fit into the position perfectly being extremely muscular down to the bone, his veins popping out all over his body. Although he is extremely muscular, the muscles are more dense than bulging allowing him his normal movement just like all people have, but by no means is he lean. Dan tends to usually be on the tanner side from swimming and training outside all day under the blazing sun. His hair has a reddish orange color and is long enough to be spiked in almost any direction with side burns coming down almost past his ears. His eyes a bit on the smaller side, are a light brown almost to the point of being called hazel and he has small point nose and thin, yet defined lips beneath that.

    As for his apparel it tends to change based on his mood or the specific occasion, although most of the clothing sets do not represent that of a common pirate whatsoever and seem a bit formal. For example on a bright and sunny day where the birds are chirping, he might wear yellow button up shirt and a pair brown shorts and a couple of sandals. Another occasion would if it were a gloomy or rainy day he might wear a blue raincoat a pair of water resistant pants and some rain boots, while wearing this he somewhat resembles a fisherman. During formal events he dresses as properly as he can, but likes to keep his uniqueness in a way, he would wear a yellow button up shirt, with an orange bowtie and a pair of orange pants. Although his formal outfit may seem a bit clownish it is shown to be extremely classy and elegant or so Dan thinks. A lot of times Dan doesn't even wear complete clothing, walking around with a simple pair of shorts, showing off his defined muscles.

    Personality: Dan believes that in this world there are two things that make up how everything works and those two things are order and chaos. Order is defined as a condition in which freedom from disorder or disruption is maintained through respect for established authority and chaos is the disruption that causes the disorder in a maintained society. In his mind, if a world were to completely fall onto either side Daniel supposes that everything would cease to exist, if there is nothing to happen or everything is destroyed there would be no point to live. In order to keep the balance on the scale Dan takes it into his own hands to keep the other equal keeping the world at peace in a way. Dan is by all means the definition of a level-headed person he is not easily hurt and rarely ever losing his temper. Over time he has learned to control his emotions allowing those of rage to pass over giving him an opportunity to relax himself in an angering or mournful situation. Dan being a stable person, he does not rely on others for much, working hard for himself with every opportunity to improve. The times that he does lose his temper, it results in an unstable fit of pure rage, the only way this can happen is if a loved one or someone close to him is being harmed and when this happens he releases all the built up anger he has accumulated over time at once on the person who harmed his friends. In some cases Dan would release so much rage that he wouldn't even realize what is happening during the fight releasing a completely different side of him, he may not even remember what happened afterwards. Dan also, very much so, likes to hold responsibility for anything that is going on and is always welcome to any new challenges that he may come across on his travels. This leaves him as a very stable and trustworthy person. Having friends and good contacts is very important to Dan because it allows him to have a variety of sources whenever he may need something. He is also an excellent organizer making sure to think everything through completely before actually conducting it and he gets very pleased with himself when everything is done correctly and on time. He can quickly react in any situation, pulling a new plan from thin air within time one could blink their eyes. He does prefer structured work which produces visible results quickly to abstract, but that doesn't flaw any of his rapid thinking in the process. He has no problem with routine as long as it serves the purpose he is going for, otherwise whoever's or whatever's routine it was will have to work with his schedule. He, very much, dislikes anything unexpected and unpredictable as it would interrupt the plan already at hand and he would need to rearrange everything he had once set up. Once he has made a commitment to a cause he is willing to sacrifice anything and everything to make it work if necessary.

    History: Dan was born on the 13th of July to an odd, yet lovely couple, a well known ice cream vendor as his father and a professional body builder and street fighter as his mother. One day his father was out in the hot sun selling ice cream to children and his mother had come by to visit, after finishing her work out for the day. She asked him if he was busy and before he could answer she picked him up and Dan was conceived in the nearest bathroom. Nine months later after five hours of pushing one of the largest human babies known to man was born, Dan Keiz, the man who's goal was to be the strongest man alive. From the moment he was born his mother began to train him pushing him harder and harder every step of the way pushing him to become just like her. By the age of three Dan was seen by his mother as a proficient swimmer, she had originally taught him by throwing him off a raft at the age of two. Her methods of training weren't exactly looked at as the most moral, but whose to say that since they worked. Dan was never allowed to eat any sort of sweets as his mom didn't want him getting chubby or fat, the urge was beyond resistable since his father was an ice cream vendor, but every attempt he made or every attempt his father made to give him a taste, his mother intervened. Her idea of a strict diet was mostly anything that could gain him body mass such high carb food and meat, but she never left out vegetables because she didn't want him getting constipated or anything like that. At the age of five he got his first break ever and not only that his first job ever, it was as simple as his mom getting a heart attack on a hundred mile sprint, no one knows how or why, all they know is that it happened. Secretly Dan was happy, but it was his mother and of course he could never say such a thing out loud. In honor of her every day after getting of work from the ice cream stand he would go train just as she had taught him up the very age.

    As time passed Dan got older and more intelligent throughout basic schooling, not only that, but he was physically changing too, such as puberty hitting a growth spurt that brought him to the height he is up to this day. At this age Dan become more and more interested in knowledge something that neither is mother nor father had taught him throughout his life and the basics he was learning in school did not satisfy him either leading him to believe the ultimate source of information could be found in the library and more specifically books. After his training and before going to bed, every day he would walk over to the public library doing research on life and how things in society works. Once he got bored of that subject he moved onto another more interesting topic, Pirates. Dan was very interested in their history and very interested in the tall tales told around about mystical abilities known by pirates and such. Some people even said that pirates could turn into living elements which intrigued Dan to know how such a thing was possible, if so. After reading the exciting history of the pirate, marine conflicts Dan wanted to learn more specifically about the things known as devil fruit, but everywhere he checked he could never find any information on the forbidden treats. It was as if his whole life was built to specifically prevent him from finding anything out about the fruits. After a year or two he gave up and by this time his basic education was completed and he seventeen years old. The Ice Cream business had never been going great and his father was getting sick, there was nothing Dan could do about either at that time. A month passed and so did Dan's father, peacefully sleeping forever in the shitty straw mattress he called a bed. Dan was now intent on finding a way to live without fear or without money, the ice cream business was definitely not suited for him and the only option left was to become a pirate.

    Dan knew nothing about how to become a pirate he had only heard and read stories every now and them from folks who came by and he was always too afraid to approach the pirates that came to town as they were always heavily armed and nowhere close to being friendly. Dan didn't like the fact that all pirates had to be so rude and unintelligent, he wondered why they couldn't be normal, or at least his definition of normal. Supposing Dan could rob a bank, he wouldn't run up and spit in the banker's face he would simply take the money and leave. Dan despised disrespect and knew that he would never become the stereotypical pirate although he wasn't just going to let himself be a weakling in the midst of god like figures. Dan knew the only way to quickly become stronger was the power of the Devil Fruits, he knew what consequences came with them, but in his mind at the time it was worth it, it's not like he had anything. Dan knew there couldn't be zero information in the town about devil fruits, there was one area where he almost knew for sure there had to be information and that was the marine only restricted area in the library. After sweet talking the old librarian lady he got access to the room, it was empty and dusty, Dan supposed they lacked marine historians or something. Looking around he could see that there were tons of information that he had never seen before after grabbing a few books he would take seat. Reading about all the mystical information devil fruits held Dan began to understand the concept so much more and now the urge to have a fruit beckoned at his soul. After about a few hours of reading he went to go put the books he had taken back where he had found them, but before he put the last book on the shelf he noticed something it was dusty and had cobwebs all over it. It was a rusty old lock box hidden behind the books. Once placing it on the table the lock box opened and Dan knew almost instantly what it was, a Devil Fruit. He was now turning eighteen and he decided he was proficient enough with the fruit to start his own crew and he had even already thought of a name the No Beard Pirates. Now all he needed to do was find members, but how was question.

    Pirate, Marine, or Bounty Hunter: Pirate

    Starting Ocean: Loguetown, East Blue

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