A Meeting in the East Blue (Nk.)

    A Meeting in the East Blue (Nk.) Empty A Meeting in the East Blue (Nk.)

    Post by Uzumi K. Uohito on Fri Aug 30, 2013 12:44 pm

    Uohito was wandering a populated island within the east blue. He was walking along the streets, near the docks. The seabreeze blew gently down the street, creating a nice cool feel running across Uohito's scales. He began to inhale, breathing in the fresh sea air. It had a strange smell to it, not like normal air. Though it was normal to Uohito, considering he was a fishman, he was raised by the sea a majority of his life, and hell, he once lived under the sea. Though that had ended one day when his family was murdered by pirates, after that he had set out to become a pirate. Considering fishman, from what he was raised to believe, couldn't become anything else.

    He was wearing little less than what normal humans wore. He didn't require all that much clothing, after all. His shirt was missing, and he wore shorts that went down a little past his knees. Other than that, all he was wearing were sandles. 'Flip flops' to be exact, as few he had encountered seemed to have called them. The color of these sandles were black, and his shorts were brown. His scales were colored blue. And finally, his ungroomed hair, which naturally seemed as if it were groomed, was black, hanging down in front of his face, nearly to his eyes though not quite.

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    Post by Garnet on Sat Aug 31, 2013 6:49 am

    Sophia wrinkle her nose in an attempt to block out the nauseating scent of the docks in the midday sun. Somehow the blistering heat of the sun didn't even bother her in comparison to the scent of the fish that the fisherman had caught for the day. It was likely because her nose had always been a bit sensitive. Maybe that or that she hated the job she had to do at such a time today. The Millione Families boss had ordered her to go fetch him - he had literally said that, which annoyed her deeply - to get him some shark. With him no wasn't a answer, and so, not wanting to be dealt with what ever punishment he always had prepared, she had hurried to the docks.

    Sophia pushed pass the people who were trying to shout their orders at the fishermen as they bagged the fish. She sighed as she entered the mess and was quickly drenched in the mix of sweat and pushing. "Hey, do you have sharks there?" she shouted. God how she hated raising her voice like that. She always found it obnoxious.

    The fisherman signalled her 'no'. and she sighed as she stepped out of the crowd. Between the mess the mid thigh length dress that she had chosen to wore was terribly ruffled much like the rest of her. She ignored whatever dislike in her attire as she sighed at her predicament. She looked around the colorful docks and paused on the most distinct person amongst it. "Hey, you, you're a shark, right?" she raised her voice once more so the fish man a few feet away could hear.

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    Post by Uzumi K. Uohito on Mon Sep 02, 2013 10:10 am

    Uohito continued to walk along the land docks, before soon enough he was stopped by a female human. She asked a rather strange question, with a rather obvious answer. "No, ma'am. Imma Fishman. Though technically I'm related to sharks." In all honesty, he wasn't sure as to whether or not a fishman with the form of a shark could be called a shark. At most, it would be called a fishman, if not that, then perhaps a sharkman. Either way, he preferred to be called a Fishman in general. "If you don't mind my asking, why do you ask?" He was curious as to why the lady why she wanted to know if Uohito was a shark. Perhaps it was of simple curiousity, he would think that it would be a rarity to see such a being such as Uohito over here in the east blue.

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