Basic Rules

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    Post by Dragon on Tue Aug 06, 2013 3:54 am

    One Piece - Grand Line Adventures

    Basic Rules

    1. Please don't swear, except in-character in your roleplay posts.

    2. Do not abuse any loopholes in the rules, and use common sense in their interpretation.

    3. Please let the staff know if anything on the site or rules is unclear, contradictory or outdated.

    4. You're not allowed to Metagame or Godmod. Metagaming refers to the exploitation of information discovered outside of roleplay and its use in the game (basically doing or knowing things your character wouldn't know). Godmodding refers to controlling another player character's actions.

    5. Characters cannot die unless they receive a lethal hit such as their head being lopped off, losing too much blood, or losing a variety of bodily organs. However, a player may kill off one of their characters if they wish to, or otherwise allow it to die in battle from a wound otherwise not very fatal.

    6. Adult content is not permitted due to the laws of some countries, and is also not permitted by Forumotion itself.

    7. You cannot roleplay until you have at least a character approved.

    8. Advertising is not permitted.

    9. Do not harass members or staff.

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